09/10/2018 05:41 EDT

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People keep adding ABBA tunes to clips from Marvel movies -- and it actually works.

It’s the most ambitious crossover event in history: Marvel superheroes and the unmistakable pop stylings of ABBA

The Mary Sue website spotted what might be the strangest trend in comic crossovers. People have been working “Dancing Queen” and other ABBA hits into scenes from Marvel films (see the clip above and the one below): 

Someone else did the trick with “Does Your Mother Know”:

In 2017, someone mixed “The Winner Takes It All” into “Captain America: Civil War.” 

Then there’s “Lay All Your Love On Me” worked into “Captain America: Winter Soldier”:

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“SOS” was even added to “Captain America: The First Avenger”:

7 Ways To Fix Ontario's Dismal Public Education System (Blog)
The education of our youth is an important concern. There is always room for improvement. Unfortunately, it is often the perception that today's students do not measure up to our memories of our own academic achievement. Our common sensetells us so. Perhaps instead of common sense we should look at some objective data. Canada scores in the top levels of the PISA tests in Math, Reading and Science for 15 year old students. The standardized tests that the author touts, as a solution to drive achievement, are used widely in the USA...a country that has dismal scores (38th out of 72 countries). We have a good public education system that deserves resources and support . I am tired of seeing the criticism of our system being used as a political football by politicians who use education to convince the public that they need reform. Often the agenda is to take money from the system or to advocate for the public funding of private schools.
Steve Mayo
Watching the events of this match unfold, the one thing that kept coming to my mind was that there is no question that apologies are owed, but not from the chair umpire. Mr Ramos did his job perfectly and kept his cool doing so.Any apologies should be coming from the entitled diva that got her back side handed to her by a girl little more than half her age. Osaka was the better player in every aspect of the game including sportsmanship. Williams owes her an apology for her atrocious behaviour and for taking what should have been a defining moment in a young player's life and making it all about herself. I don't think there was anything accidental about what Williams did, she knew she was going to lose and she calculated exactly what she would have to do to ensure the spotlight would be on herself and not the better player. Williams also owes an apology to the fans who she robbed of what was a very entertaining match by her selfish and childish actions. Lastly, Williams owes an apology to the chair umpire who she tried to bully into apologizing to her when he did everything absolutely right.The American sports media also owes an apology to tennis fans everywhere for continuing to attempt to give credibility to the poor behaviour of the sport's biggest stars. It is the likes of Evert, Fernandez, MacEnroe who have made these players into the incredibly selfish and unsportsmanlike people they are by making excuses for them.
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